Poly Storage Tanks

Poly Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks

Having enough water for your lawn, garden, or home can be a challenge in our drought-prone climate. Rainwater catchment is a fantastic supplement to your existing water source, or we can help you design a fully off-grid system. Filtration needs will vary based on the users specific application. Whether you’re filling a stock tank or installing a whole house filtration system, we’ve got everything you will need and years of expertise.

Bohnert Lumber now carries a variety of water storage tanks.  Rugged, impact-resistant, one piece polyethylene construction make these tanks the number one choice for potable water storage.

As a poly tank distributor, we have a tank to meet your needs, and at the best prices in the Hill Country. Our tanks are designed specifically for water storage and are manufactured to FDA specifications to ensure safe storage of potable water.

Our poly storage tanks are perfect for all of your water storage needs. Compare our prices and you’ll likely find you’ve come to the right place.

Click Here to learn more about the importance of rain water collection.

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