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This is the Best Place to Buy Hardware, Plumbing, Electrical and many other Products in Comfort, TX!

Plumbing & Electrical

Plumbing and Electrical are key parts of every home. 

These staple items are well stocked here at Bohnert Lumber & Supply because we know you are going to need them.

We stock a wide range of hardware and electrical supplies, Products like galvanized iron, PVC pipe, PEX pipe as well as all the connectors and fittings, and an array of chain, hosing, & tubing. But we don't stop there, we also cut and thread pipe on site. 

We carry plumbing repair items, Peerless Faucets, Flotec pressure tanks, pressure and booster pumps, water softener systems including water softener salt and potassium cubes. We warehouse everything you need for kitchen and bath.

Bohnert Lumber & Supply has Top Brand Name Power Tools

DeWalt Drill

DeWalt Power Tools

DeWalt Power Tools continue to be one of the top trusted brands for contractors and DIY users. Bohnert Lumber & Supply carries this brand because of the extra effort DeWalt has put into enhancing their power tools. If you are looking for a great power tool, stop into Bohnert to check out our supply of DeWalt Power Tools.

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Makita Grinder

Makita Power Tools

Makita Power Tools are known for their power, performance, and durability. Whether used around the house or on a job site, Makita Power Tools are ideal fore every situation. Bohnert Lumber & Supply is your go to power tool destination in the Comfort, TX area, especially for great brands like Makita Power Tools.

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When Looking for the Perfect Pocket Knife, Come to Bohnert Lumber & Supply to get a Case Knife 

Case Knives

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